HallowSTREAM The Escape Room

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This Halloween, we participated in HallowSTREAM… The Escape Room.

HallowSTREAM is a mixture of Halloween and STREAM (STREAM,  S=science, T=technology, R=religion, E=engineering, A=art, and M=math). The Escape Room had 4 clues and 1 challenge. The 4 clues led to the challenge. The challenge was to build a bridge that can hold a pumpkin.  We won because we finished the 4 clues first and the challenge first.

By Jack, Ian, and CJ

Won’t you be our neighbor?

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This lyric was made famous by Fred Rogers on his television show Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.  He would issue the invitation every day for friends to join him to make the most of a beautiful day.  We are excited about starting our class blog because we will be able to invite our family, friends, and future acquaintances to join us as we learn, play, and make the most of each day.  We hope you enjoy your visits to our ‘neighborhood’!  Thanks for being our neighbors!